We offer a wide range of services and operate throughout the entire documentation production cycle. We also manage your projects from A to Z.  

You need us when your documents:

  • are difficult to update
  • are not formatted for mobile access
  • lack consistency
  • are hard to understand by user standards



  • Designing multi-lingual/multi-format/multi-support product or internal process literature
  • Improving the quality of written contents
  • Structuring the information according to user needs
  • Defining graphic and writing standards
  • Designing graphic items (icons, flowcharts, diagrams, etc.) and technical illustrations
  • Setting up terminological databases
  • Setting up tools for structured writing and documentation apps
  • Providing project ownership assistance to assist you in:
    • Defining functional needs
    • Doing case study analysis and suggesting solutions to streamline documentation production
    • Designing graphic standards and web interfaces
    • Working hand in hand with developers
  • Doing change management
  • Pinpointing critical skills to capitalize know-how
  • Collecting and capitalizing knowledge
  • Designing the best-suited mediums



Improving documentation performance and quality, with enhanced documents:

  • Better suited to user’s needs
  • Easier to understand, clearer
  • Easier to access
  • More coherent

Cutting production costs by: 

  • Optimizing contents and updates
  • Unburdening experts from writing tasks
  • Streamlining the documentation process

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